Let me ask you this:

SEO question for you Are you being charged per hour, per email, or per question?
Were you offered that? Would you want that?

My name is Shavkat Karimov. I am the SEO Manager, who offers professional and unlimited SEO consulting services for a fixed rate.

Send unlimited emails, ask unlimited questions, and get unlimited help. Itís like having your own in-house SEO guru, but in a much more affordable way.

Sorry, at this time I don't take new clients due to high volumes of work. Thanks for understanding.

Here is what you are about to get:

SEO stuff for you
  • Your website will be audited throughout - then detailed on-site optimization
    improvements will be suggested.
    Think your site deserves that attention?
  • Your market will be thoroughly researched - then many new targeted keywords
    will be discovered and also you will learn where exactly valuable relevant links
    can be found and how they can be acquired.
    Want to target the right keywords and get some juicy links?
  • Your competitors will be carefully studied - then you will be told how to win
    the competition.
    Time to cut your piece of the pie?

Some excellent businesses are already using my services. Discover how you can benefit from it as well, see the current rankings.

How much does it cost?

It starts from $399 per month, find out more by clicking above.

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